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Arrival Getaways offers exceptional Vacation Rental Management services + exclusive Dream Getaways. We take pride in how we care for our people and properties, and ensure that every experience with our company is a blissful one.


Difference Makers


At Arrival Getaways, our key mission is to develop relationships with every one of our clients & guests. Choosing a place to stay should not just be an online transaction, as so many VRM’s believe it should be. Every customer deserves to know that there is a real person behind every real situation. Personal interaction is the main factor in building trust, and trust is non-negotiable for us here.

Five-Star Service

We’ve all been in situations where the vacation we’ve planned is nothing like how we planned it, or the property manager that we’ve hired didn’t do the job they promised us. Our Arrival Getaways team aims to make every stay an enjoyable, pristine and peaceful experience. With our support team on call, and our home care team taking proactive measures, we are here to take on the stresses of vacation planning and rental management from booking to farewell so our clients & guests can rest easy.

Property Care & Identity

Owning a rental home requires trusting that your home’s value is being optimized & advancing over-time. The key to value & revenue optimization, is creating a brand that stands-out to renters when looking for their next rental property, which also means protecting your property with regular maintenance to avoid damages and ensure top tier quality.

Learn about our Luxe Linens Program to see how we’re elevating luxurious comfort and sustainability for our guests and owners.

Our Team Players

Founder & CEO

Hank Lambert

Hank Lambert has been launching products, building teams, and growing businesses for over 35 years. After growing the Southwestern rental management territory for Vacasa and helping Rêvedy build-out a vacation rental property acquisition tool for rental owners across the US, he is launching Arrival Getaways as a breakwater against the surging tides of the Vacation Rental Management industry. Arrival Getaways will be an employee-owned and service-focused company providing stability and growth for our partners.

Operations Manager

Renzo Garrido

As the Operations Manager here at Arrival Getaways, Renzo always takes full responsibility to create beautiful experiences for every guest, owner & partner. Renzo started at Vacasa as Property Caretaker, implementing his exceptional property care processes, and eventually expanding on this as the Local Operations Manager for Newport Beach. Renzo truly believes that “problems deserve to be cared for expeditiously and hassle-free.” His attention to detail, dedication and passion, made major waves in the companies he took part in, and we are honored to have him be a part of an extraordinary team at Arrival Getaways.

Our Values

Standing Firm in our Morals


This is our number one value, and that means that every one of our partners can count on us to handle every property management need from beginning to end. We know that it is crucial to have a team that not only listens, but truly follows through on every commitment they make.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


It’s more than just a management-to-client relationship, we want to build a community at Arrival Getaways. Our goal is in creating a strong team of driven individuals both internally and externally, who want to reach the heights of success together.

Transparency Throughout


Our company was created on far more of a foundation than just quick sales & short-term thinking. At Arrival Getaways, we always keep YOU at the forefront, and are 100% invested in the best interest of your home. We will always strive to build meaningful connections, honest conversations, and actionable goals with every one of our partners, and create amazing experiences for our guests.

A Positive Approach


Creating a memorable experience all revolves around maintaining a positive environment. We believe that it is important to have a solid, proactive, problem-solving strategy, and part of that comes with keeping smiles on our faces while doing so. We consistently replenish our enthusiasm for our objectives so that we always have the energy to execute properly & effectively- which is never hard when we absolutely love what we do!

Our Mission

Our mission at Arrival Getaways is to create beautiful experiences for our guests, while helping our owners reach new heights in their success. As a group filled with passion for serving others, we provide our team with the best resources to deliver on our promises.

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